Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life lessons, cliffhangers, and being kicked

My children learned some pretty hard lessons this week. Lessons that everyone needs to know as they grow in this world, but they are tough lessons that just can't be explained properly.

Josh, learned two lessons this week. Neither pleasant.

First he learned that when your brother stands on your, well, tender bits, it causes extreme pain, tears, and a belly ache. I think this is a lesson any of my male blog readers will recall learning several times in their lives.

The second lesson Josh learned applies to both sexes. He learned that when you stick your hand in your mouth, and down your throat, that this action brings forth vomit. Poor Josh has vomited before, but never in this manner.

Poor Morgan learned perhaps the most serious of lessons. That when you leave your bedroom windows unlocked, it makes it quite possible for someone to open said window and screen in the night, and grab your head to wake you up. Causing screaming, and running across the room. Luckily, the grabber was me. I accidentally locked Alex and myself out of the house when we went for a late night dip in the pool, and I went to wake her up to let me in. I was of course not intending to scare the holy hell out of her, but perhaps it was a good thing. She hasn't left her windows unlocked since.

The other night, in a conversation, my loving (?) boyfriend Alex made the following statement:

"You make me want to kick you." (he paused for a second then continued) "In a loving way, of course. Painfully loving, but loving."

I don't think that was very nice of him.

So Alex and I were having a discussion the other night, about life's little cliffhangers. He and I are both people watchers. A lot of the time, you witness little dramas or incidents, and then you never get to see how they turn out.

Friday, we went to Indiana Beach, and went to a concession stand for drinks. The first concerning thing was that the two teen girls inside were too busy screwing around to pay attention to the fact that there were people in line. Then one girl looked at the other, and said "Damn, you have a big head!" So Big Head Girl (BHG from now on) grabs a butcher knife, and pretends to threaten the other girl. They then decided we were worthy of placing our order, and began to prepare it. BHG asked Girl 1 a question, earning the phrase "You are fucking retarded." from Girl 1. Then they began throwing ice at each other. The slushes we ordered tasted oily, and chemically. After they were replaced, I went to the park office, and complained about the girl's behavior. I was mostly just pissed off that they were acting that way in front of children. MY children. The woman I complained to was visibly angry, and went to immediately find a manager. But we never found out what happened after that.

A second example, Alex and I were driving to Lafayette this weekend, and we got stuck behind a really slow car. But as we drove on, I realized it wasn't just a slow driver, the person was all over the road. Crossing the center line on several occasions, and having many near misses. I called the police from my phone, but we were stuck behind the person for another 20 minutes or so, and nothing ever happened, so hopefully, they didn't kill anyone.

Thanks to those that were worried about my kitty. He has an infection, and has been taking kitty antibiotics, and is getting checked again in two weeks.

Thanks for reading,