Sunday, October 5, 2008

Frozen Stalkery

I have a stalker, it seems.

It all began a few weeks ago. It was directly after payday, I was at home, with Alex, and all of the kids. By all, I mean, my four and Alex's two. We were sitting around, waiting for a pizza to bake, and we heard music. The music that generates joy in children hearts, and fear deep into the bowels of parents.

The Ice Cream van.

Alex and I looked at each other in fear and he said "Uh-oh." At that moment, Morgan heard the music, and ran to the door with the others close behind. Since I had just gotten paid, and was in a great mood that day, I ordered Morgan to run after it. They saw her, and pulled over. When they saw the train of children pouring out of my house, their eyes turned to $$s. Just like on the cartoons. No really. (Ok fine, not really)

So we bought 8 things from them. and they drove away happy. It wasn't until later that Alex mentioned his observation while I was distracted by the ordering and the paying.

There was a playpen in the back of this van, behind the freezer. With a toddler in it.

The fuckers were driving around town with a toddler in a playpen in their van.

So I decided that would be the last time I patronized that particular ice cream van. (I urge those of you in C'ville not to either)

Unfortunately, they haven't gotten the hint. My house made their list of high sales areas. At least once a week they drive by, luring my children to the door, causing them to beg, and whine for ice cream. I have even seen this van drive to just past my house, and stop for a good minute or so just to make sure we knew they were there.

They kicked it up a notch today though.

They have driven by, not just once or twice, but 3 fucking times so far! 3!!!!

Take the freaking hint! I don't want your horrible parent germ tainted frozen novelties!


(2010 Commentary)

They still drove by once a week at least this past summer, and I have still stuck to my plan of not buying ice cream from them. When I posted this the first time I did get some comments about how they were just trying to make a living, and maybe they had no other place for their child to go. But I still maintain that there was a safer option.