Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I don't wear makeup very often, but for some reason I love to buy it! I check the make-up section every time I go into the store to see what is new, fun and pretty! Lately the trend in makeup seems to be long lasting make-up so I have tried a couple of these products out, and today I will be telling you all about it! There are also a couple of other gimicky things that have sucked me in, and I'll review those too! I'll probably even steal some photos from their website to illustrate my thoughts!

Here we go!

Revlon "Just Bitten" lip stain:
I mainly bought this because I was getting married. Alex always tries to dodge my kisses when I am wearing lipstick because he doesn't want to wear it too. So I knew that the next time I saw this in the store I would be purchasing it for my wedding day at least. I actually love this stuff! I throw some on in the morning, and get a little surprise later when I look in the mirror because I've forgotten that I put it on. I have a red color and a pinkish color. I honestly can't tell much difference between the two. The color lasts 3-4 hours. One end is like a marker you color your lips with, and the other end is like a clear gloss. I usually use sparkly lip gloss with it, cause I like to sparkle! LOL

Rimmel London Stay Glossy lip gloss:

I bought this in "Stay My Rose." The giant poster in the store promised it would last (up to) six hours! I had high hopes. When I put it on I was excited about the gloss wand, it picked up a lot more gloss than other glosses that I have. I applied it before my psychology class. I figured I wouldn't be eating or drinking or doing much talking so it seemed like a great time to test it out. With minimal mouth contact and movement the gloss lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. I was not impressed with this at all. It wasn't worth the added cost.

L'oreal One sweep eye shadow:

I bought this on my wedding day because I didn't have a lot of time, but I wanted pretty eye shadow. It has three colors of shadow, and a giant eye sized applicator. Honestly when I saw it in the store, I laughed and made fun of it. I officially apologize for that. It worked really well. When you follow the directions it does apply in the stripes, and it takes a minimal amount of blending to make it look professional. My only complaint is that like most eye shadow, it only lasted a couple of hours and settled into my crease quite quickly. Which brings me to my next review!

L'oreal Infallible 24 hour eye shadow:

I bought this one specifically to see if it did what it promised. I bought a purple color. Here is the evidence:

This is what it looked like a day and a half after I applied it. I love this stuff! It didn't settle into the creases or smudge up around my eyes and make me look like a crazed raccoon. I even went out and bought another color after trying this one out!

So those are my opinions of these products. As a little disclaimer, you should know that I used my own money to buy these things, and no one gave me them for free or told me what to say about them.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My wedding.

Pull up a chair, and I'll share the story of my whirlwind wedding.

Alex and I had decided we were going to get married on June 6th. It was never going to be a big wedding. The plan was always going to be a small wedding with only our attendants, and maybe the children and our parents. We were going to save our money for the party after.

So on or around February 19-20 I said to Alex half-joking "Wouldn't it be cool to get married on leap day?" He was against the idea. He wanted to wait for June 6th, like we had planned and there was no changing his mind.

So early afternoon on February 28th, I made a joke about it again, and Alex got really excited about the idea, like it was the first time he had heard anything about it! I thought about kicking him, but decided to marry him instead.

After that it was a whirlwind of activity. We decided right away to have a minimum amount of people there. The first plan was to just have us and the person officiating. I texted a friend to ask if she was still ordained, and she was. So I explained the plan and asked her to help. She was on board and completely excited to help. She reminded me for the need for witnesses, and so she and I agreed that her husband and our mutual friend Elizabeth could join us.

So then I started thinking about my hair and the fact that there would be pictures, so I decided to include my friend Sarah, so she could do my hair, also because she's my best friend. Unfortunately she couldn't come.

The day of the wedding, Alex and I had a lot to do. The first thing we did was get our marriage license. After we got the license we both started talking about how our mothers were going to kill us, so we decided at that point to invite them. I called both of them, but was unable to get in touch with mine. I kept trying throughout the day but ended up not talking to her until it was too late for her to come.

Alex also wanted to stop by and invite his good friend Tabby, so we did that.

We ran all over town, getting Alex a haircut, me shoes, flowers, and a veil, and a basket for our flower girl Stormy.

I decided it would be a bad idea to pull each of the kids out of school for the wedding since it was so last minute, but Stormy only goes to school half the day, so we decided to make her the flower girl.

The wedding was beautiful. It was unusual weather for February, it was in the 60s, but very windy.

We went to a bridge over Sugar Creek, and were married there. Alex and I read our own vows, I promised not to run off to Mexico and ditch him with all of our children, and he promised to stay by my side, even during the zombie apocalypse. We exchanged rings, and kissed each other.

I couldn't have planned a more perfect day even if I had months to plan it.

After the wedding I began to call people, and tell them about how I was now a married woman, and a lot of friends and family were pretty upset that they weren't included.

I am happy now that I am finally married. :)

Thanks for reading!