Monday, February 18, 2008

Trying to be funny...

Two of the three triplets have entered a very wonderful stage of development. The stage where they realize how great it is to make people laugh, and try anything they can to get the laughs they want.

Hannah's style is "knock knock" jokes. Morgan went through the exact same stage, when they get that the jokes are supposed to be funny, and that the last line of the joke is supposed to produce the giggles. Only she's 3, almost 4, and her jokes hardly ever make sense. But of course she is so cute, we always end up laughing anyway. The following is a typical "Hannah Knock, knock" joke:

Hannah: Knock, knock!
Me: Who's there?
Hannah: Banana
Me: Banana who?
Hannah: There's a carrot on your head with ice cream!


Josh's comedic style is a lot different. He is a bit crazy. He likes to get in your face (literally, not metaphorically) and make faces, and noises until you laugh. He also likes to do things he will get in trouble for, and smile at you and laugh when you tell him not to. It's hard to punish him when he is just trying to be funny, but rules are rules! Today's antic was throwing food at the others during lunch.

Eric hasn't joined in the comedy fest yet, he seems content to be quiet and laid back. Though he will occasionally join his brother's antics.

I got a new laptop this week. Tired of the old one letting me down, lol. Vista is hard to get used to, I hate the fact that it asks permission for things you told it to do. It's kind of a pain in the ass. But so far I love the laptop. It has a built in cam, though I haven't gotten to use it yet.

Not much else to say right now. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

I think I'm in trouble

As many of you know, I have adorable children, but I feel like I'm going to have the most trouble with Hannah.

Two examples of why.

I was watching a friend's baby today, and Hannah came over to sit on my lap.

Hannah: Mama, we need a baby.

Me: Well, I like babies, but I think we have enough people in our family, baby.

Hannah: We need a baby too though.

Me: Not every family has a baby. I like our family just how it is.

Hannah: But we don't have a baby. Talisha has a baby, his name is Kale, he got lots of presents for his birthday. Mama, when is my birthday? I want presents too!

Me: *sighs in relief at the toddler ADD rescue*

The second example is what worries me.

She walks over to me, with a sad pathetic look on her face. She held up a white My Little Pony doll.

Hannah: Mama, My pony is sad. She doesn't have a friend.

Me: She could be friends with your big pony, Pinkie Pie. (a giant my little pony that sings and dances, and tells stories)

Hannah: No, she wants a pony friend that is short like her, and pink. (brings out the cute irresistible face) Mama, can we go to Wal-Mart and get a friend for my pony, so she isn't sad anymore?

How do you say no to that?! Seriously (or, srsly if you want silly internet talk)!

I have absolutely no clue where she learned to use cuteness to ask for things. LOL I never try to be cute when I want something. Ok so yeah, I totally do that. But she's only 4 and she's better at it than I am. How fair is that?

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Unexplained cheese

I've been sick for a couple of days. I woke up Sunday with no voice, and no energy. Monday, the lack of energy continued, but my throat hurt, and there was a cough. Todays pleasantness includes a sinus pressure headache, a bad cough, and of course that lack of energy. I can't WAIT to see what's in store for tomorrow. (sarcasm).

There's been a lot of crazy weather here, but of course it's Indiana, so it's expected. Tons of snow and cold one day, 50 the next and all the snow is gone. Fog, tons of rain and even a tornado warning. I think it's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

I went to a meeting tonight, for team captains for the March of Dimes walk. I got a few good ideas on fund raising, some motivation, and some cheese.

My goal for the year is $300. I hope that I can reach it. Adam dug out a bunch of pictures for me to look at today, including some of the triplets time in the NICU. Hearing the Ambassador talk about her NICU experience, and seeing the pictures gets me very emotional. When I am in crisis mode, I don't let myself react. But now when I think about the time they spent in the NICU, and how very lucky we were that they weren't sicker, I get quite emotional.

This is going to sound like a sales pitch. But if you donate, it could help other mothers from going through that. Going through the pain of having to leave your baby behind in the hospital. From waking up two or three three times a night to call the NICU to make sure that your children are alright.

I should explain the cheese, right? Unexplained cheese is a bad thing.

At the meeting there was a drawing for prizes! The prize choices were either, a cheese basket (donated from our local cheese factory), tickets to a Purdue Women's Basketball game, and tickets to the Children's museum.

My name was drawn second, so I chose the cheese. I get in the Children's Museum for $1, and I have no interest in Purdue Women's Basketball, so cheese was the obvious choice.

I finally decided what my next tattoo will be, but you'll just have to wait for the pictures.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to do something interesting before my next blog.