Friday, February 19, 2010

Boring stuff, and laptop issues!

Someone kindly sent me a message today letting me know that I hadn't blogged in a month. I guess it's a good thing when my fan demands more. LOL

I've actually been fairly busy lately. Alex got a job, so now I have to make sure everything is calm and quiet during the day when he sleeps. Have you ever attempted to keep six children quiet at the same time for 8 or more hours? I would compare it to trying to plug the holes in a dam made out of swiss cheese. When you get one to be quiet and stop jumping around, the other five start yelling.

So my laptop stopped being reliable about two or three months ago. The screen quit working, so I started using one of Alex's old ones until I could go get it fixed. I finally dropped it off with the Geek Squad about two weeks ago, and have been checking it's status online every few days since then. I saw where they tested it, ordered parts, repaired it, and then sent it back to Best Buy. I went to pick it up yesterday.

So I'm at the counter talking to one of the Geeks, and he tells me they replaced the mother board, and power cord. Well, I had dropped it off because the screen quit working. Before I had taken it to them, a quick Google search revealed that this was a common problem with that model, along with the mouse troubles I had been having the first time I took it to the Geeks. So I was a bit surprised that they replaced the motherboard, rather than the screen, so I decided that I should make sure it worked before I left with it, and asked the guy to turn it on for me.

He tried. He tried tried different ways, and could not get it to power on. So, I still don't have my laptop. I left it with the Geeks. I was fairly angry, but no where near as angry as I would have been if I didn't have another laptop to use.

To be honest though, as much of a pain in the ass as it is to drive the 45 minutes to the nearest Best Buy to pick it up and drop it off, I like this MUCH better than dealing with some incompetent asshole on the phone who thinks I'm too dumb to know anything about computers. Which is why I made the decision to only buy laptops from them after getting my last one there.

There are other blog entries on here detailing my past history with tech support. You've probably read them if you've known me for a long time, if not, get busy! LOL

Thanks for reading, sorry if it was boring today, I'll try harder next time.