Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A blog I wrote today

This was written while I was at work, trying to stay awake during break time.


I'm blogging to you live from my work. Ok, technically, it's not live, since I'm typing now, and plan to post later, but you get the point, right?

Things have been quite busy for Kelli lately. I go to work at 6 am. Those of you who know me will be quite shocked to hear that I haven't been late yet. I leave work usually at 2:30, assuming that the other teacher's aide in my class hasn't done something to make me leave late. Evenings are spent on dinner, and soccer for the triplets. (Soccer pics soon) Then at night, I have to work my college stuff around my TV addiction. Thank Jeebus for DVR. It's the best invention EVAH!

Weekends are usually spent relaxing, and catching up on the homework that I procrastinated during the week.

Morgan turns 11 this week. It's just crazy to me how fast the time has gone. She's in that stage where she's becoming more mature, but at the same time, trying to hold onto childhood. Buying birthday gifts at this age is really difficult. I know that any toys she would get, have maybe a month or so of playing before she decides its too babyish, but on the other hand clothes is a sucky gift when you are 11. The other option, is electronics, but she is just so clumsy (where's she get that from?) and scatterbrained, that I don't want to get her a lot of electronics.

The trio are enjoying school. They seem to enjoy the fact that mommy is across the hall every day they are at school. There have been times where I've had reason to be where they are, and they seem to think it's ok to abandon all the school rules just because I am standing there. We are working on that.

School is going well I think. I have a 95% in one class, and I'm 1/3 of the way through it. I have a 97% in the other class, and I am halfway through that one. My personal goal is to not finish any class with less than 90%. I hope that I can pull it off. I never cared too much about grades in high school, but now that I'm paying for it, and finally doing what I've wanted to for so long, I feel like I owe it to myself to do well.

I've been having a lot of fun at work. I get to so a lot of fun things. I made a huge tree out of paper bags to hang in our classroom, I'll post a picture of it on here. I also got to paint pumpkins on our classroom door. When it gets closer to halloween, I'll paint faces on the pumpkins. But, corporate rules are that we can't technically celebrate Halloween, so the faces on the pumpkins have to be made up of geometric shapes.

Well I have 10 minutes of power left so I need to sign off, and figure out what else to do. Thanks for reading a rambly blog that didn't say too much!


(2010 Commentary)
I miss the creativity of decorating the classroom. I really do.