Thursday, January 31, 2008

Survey Tammy posted

It's that time again! I haven't posted a survey for awhile so here it is! Happy reading!

1. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
I don't remember.

2. What did you dream last night?
I don't remember actually.

3. Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?
No not really.

4. Give a little whistle (whee hoo...)
Um, what?

5. What did you do last weekend?
Trip to the winery.

6. What is something you've learned about yourself recently?
I'm a texty whore.

7. Do you like anyone?
Sure, you didn't ask who though, muahahaha!

8. Do you know anyone who is married?
Just about everyone I know.

9. What's your favorite number?

10. Who was the last person to make you cry?
A blog I read last night, that prompted me to donate almost all the money I had in the paypal.

11. Are you over five feet?
5'7 actually.

12. When was the last time you cried?
Last night. I just told you that.

13. What were you doing last night at 12AM?
I was hmmm... watching TV, playing frickin pinochle (or however the hell it's spelled(ha! spellcheck fixed it, you'll never know how badly I spelled it wrong!)) with Tammy.

14. What is one thing you've learned about life?
It's never easy. You take what you get, and do the best you can with it. There's no point in constantly feeling sorry for yourself, it doesn't solve a thing.

15. Are you jealous of anyone?
I try not to be, but I often fail.

16. Is anyone jealous of you?
I don't think so.

17. Have you ever used a friend?

18. Do you think anyone likes you?
I know Tammy has the hots for me. ;)

19. Who was the last person you drove with?
The family.

20. What are you looking forward to?
Tax refund if the tax lady ever fucking files it!

21. How are you today?
Mostly good, but slightly grumpy.

22. What's your worst experience?
Not sure I want to share that on a public blog.

23. Are you currently single?

24. How many things in your past do you regret?
19,231 (keeping Tammy's answer, it's probably a pretty close number)

25. Do you have a best friend?
Yes. Tammy. Lace. Talisha.

26. Have you ever kissed two people in one night?

27. Have you ever been in the emergency room?
yes But I hate going for myself. If it's one of the kids, I'll be right there.

28. What's the last movie you watched?
Wedding Daze. Pretty funny!

29. Do you have unlimited texting?
Only to people with AT&T cell phones.

30. What does the 15th text in your inbox say?
"Yea Kel has texting! I have lots too! Oh btw this is Waify. *smooch*"

31. Do you like your life?

32. When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
When Tammy's party got rescheduled. I was looking forward to it!

33. What kind of music do you like?
Most kinds.

34. Ever have an encounter with the police?
Heh. Maybe. Why?!

35. Do you have more friends that are girls or guys?

36. Ever have someone vandalize your property?

37. When was the last time you took public transportation?
When I lived in Savannah. That's the only place I've lived that had it.

38. What's one thing you wish you could be better about?
Being organized (keeping Tammy's answer again, because it's the truth)

39. Have you ever had feelings for someone who lived in another state?

40. What are some of your biggest fears of your life?
Losing family or friends.

41. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?

42. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?

43. Do you play any instruments?
I played some drums for a bit. I can rock guitar hero (on easy).

44. Where was the last concert you attended held?
Conseco Fieldhouse. Indianapolis.

45. Do you like to sing?
Like to, yes, but for the sake of others I only do it while I'm alone. Except Tammy is going to make me sing at her party.

46. What's the one thing you hope to accomplish in your life?
To see my children as happy well adjusted adults, who have children of their own. (too much to ask?)

47. Are looks important?
Not really no. Personality beats hotness.

48. What are you listening to?
Little Bear.

49. Who is the first missed call on your phone?
My Aunt Charna, she calls a lot.

50. Do you believe in love?

Where's 51-69? What the hell?!

70 Confessions

Just for starters...

Do you swear to tell the truth?:
I'll try...

What time is it?

What is todays date?

Okay lets get started

Who was the last person to call you baby?:
I don't remember. I just called Morgan Baby though. I said 6-10 inches of snow Baby!!

When you're at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?:

What is your relationship status? (single, taken, etc.):

Has anyone ever sang to you?

Has anyone ever given you roses?

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
I have no idea... I hope so.

What is your favorite color?:

What color are your eyes?:
Hazel (green, brown)

What is a compliment u receive way too often?
I like your hair color!

How tall are you?

Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?
Hannah. About a half an hour ago.

Do you like your parents?
Most of the time

Do you secretly like someone?:
If I told you would it be a secret?

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?
Ugh. Eat. That's why I weigh so much!

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?:
Maybe a combo of both

How long does it take you to shower?:
20 minutes Maybe more.

Can you do splits?:
I wish!

Are you flexible?:

What movie do you want to see?:
I don't know.

What did you do on New Years Eve 2007?:
Not much.

Was your mom a cheerleader?:
Ha! No.

Can you speak any other language besides English?

What is the last letter of your middle name?:

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?:
always. I feel weird without it.

Are you scared of flying?:
No, just nervous

What do you sleep in?:
Jammie pants, and a tshirt, usually my comfy red shirt that has gotten too grubby to public wear.

Is your hair curly or straight?

Do you have any tattoos?:

Do you like funny people or serious people?
funny people

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?:
not yet!

What jewelry do you wear all the time?
wedding band and watch

What do you have planned for tonight?:
Lost is on Lost is on OMG Lost is on!!!!!!

What is your favorite song at the moment?
Different - Acceptance

What song do you HATE?:
Anything Beastie Boys

Do you like chocolate?:
They would take my girl card away if I said no...

Do u need a girlfriend or boyfriend to be happy?
I don't know. I haven't been single since I was 17

Are you easy to get along with?:
I hope so.

What is your favorite time of day?:

Are you a happy person?:
I try.

Any upcoming events you're excited about?:
Tammy's birthday party!

What time is it now?

Monday, January 28, 2008

A glimpse into a unique friendship

So I was sitting in "traffic" waiting on a train, and as I do most of the time when I am bored, I call Tammy. The phone rang 4 or 5 times and then went to her answering machine. I was in the middle of leaving a message, bitching about her answering machine greeting, and she picked up. She informed me that I interrupted her "taking the Browns to the Superbowl."

We discussed various things, and updated each other on our day, and any recent developments that had occurred in the 3 hours since we spoke last.

I was nearing my house, so I began the process of getting off the phone, that's the awesome thing about Tammy and I, we will tell each other we need to go then end up talking for another hour, because we keep coming up with things to say.

While I was working on hanging up the following conversation occured:

Kelli: Since I'm hanging up, you can go finish shitting.
Tammy: No, I'm just not feeling it anymore. I don't think I can.
Kel: Did the poo leave the waiting area? It's no longer at the forefront waiting to escape?
Tam: Yeah, I think it retreated back into the lower bowel section. I'll have to bring in reinforcements later to bring it back to the front.
K: OMG*, I have been trying to shit all day, and I can't. It's driving me nuts. I can like feel it, but every time I try, little bits come out and I feel like I'm done, but I know I'm not.
T: Oh, I hate when that happens. That's just the worst.
K: Yeah, so I really should go. I'm like in my driveway.
T: Ok. I'll talk to you in a little while then.
K: Bye hooker.
T: Bye whore.

Is't it nice to have a friend you can discuss your bowel habits with? Isn't it even nicer to have a blog that you can post it in and trick people into reading about your bowel habits?

Thanks for reading. Hope the poo kept you interested.

*I didn't actually say, OMG, I said the full version.