Monday, December 1, 2008

Cooking With Kelli

I tried something new for Thanksgiving this year. See, I like bacon. No I LOVE bacon. Sometimes in my head I'm like that dog from that commercial. "Iiiiit's BACON! Bacon bacon bacon!"

So when Alex showed me this idea online for turkey, I had a foodgasm, then I knew it would be done.

Bacon wrapped turkey!

See, you start with some bacon.

Then you get yourself a big ass turkey.

Then you wrestle that bird, force it into submission, and make it your bitch. Your bacony bitch. You'll know you've won when it looks like this:

I also stuffed onions, garlic, and butter into it's crevices, then I baked it in one of those oven bags.

This is what it looked like before we ate it:

I'm completly serious when I say that that was the best turkey I have ever had. Oh yes. I have tons more in the fridge and I'm lusting after it right now.

Next time you are making a turkey, then you NEED to try this.

(2010 Commentary)

I had it again this year, and I still have the opinion that this turkey puts all others to shame!

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