Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hannah tells a story

Tonight we are sitting down to a lovely dinner, and I am listening to a converstation between the children while I eat. Hannah is in charge of this conversation, as she is most things.

They were drinking chocolate milk from the bottle with a bunny on it. (I'm sure you know what brand. When Hannah announces the following to the boys (Eric, Josh, and Braydon).

"You have to be careful when you drink this milk, because sometimes the bunny pops out of it."

I didn't want to let on yet that I was listening, so I turned away and hid my smile.

The boys, were understandably skeptical, insisting that bunnys didn't hop out of chocolate milk.

"It's true." Hannah insists. "When I stayed at grandma's house a bunny came out of my chocolate milk!"

The boys were impressed with her tale, and started looking in their milk.

I was impressed by the inventiveness, but I couldn't let the lie stand. So I joined the conversation.

"Hannah, are you telling stories?" I asked, hoping she would confess.

"No. It happened."

"Hannah, are you telling the truth?" She nods. I continue, "Hannah, you are saying that when you spent the night at grandma's house a bunny popped up out of your chocolate milk?"

She looks at me like I have two heads. "Yes! It really happened." she insists.

I look away for a moment, to gain my composure, because I am having a hell of a time keeping a straight face by this point. I turn back to Hannah, and continue.

"Hannah. It's not nice to tell lies, even when you are just being silly like that."

Hannah looks at me, and says quietly "I didn't know that."

"So is there anything you need to tell the boys?" I asked.

In the quietest voice she could possibly manage she says. "It didn't."

After the boys all yelling "What?" She said louder "A bunny didn't come out of my chocolate milk!"

The boys didn't really say anything, just went back to blowing bubbles in their own milk.

I love my kids!

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