Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hollywood pisses me off...

I am a media junkie. I love books, tv, movies all of it. I'm not a big fan of tabloids, and celeb gossip though.

Lately I've been getting frustrated with the powers that be in Hollywood.

First, I want to address the NBC issue. I have been a HUGE fan of Conan O'Brian for years and years. His resume' reads like a list of some of my favorite tv shows. (Simpsons, and SNL for example) Jay Leno, on the other hand has always annoyed the shit out of me. From way back in the days of those stupid Doritos commercials. So I think it's not going to surprise you when I post this pic:

I was pissed off all the way back in September when they put Jay on at 10. It was a stupid idea to begin with, and in my opinion it was equal to deciding to get married an hour before your best friend on the day of her wedding.

Another thing that Hollywood has been doing to piss me off it the remakes. I'm tired of seeing perfectly good movies turned into shit. Now I've heard that they are focusing on some of my favorite 80s movies, like Breakfast Club, and Ferris Beuller. A month or so ago, I learned that they were remaking one of my all time favorite movies, The Crow. Leave my movies alone! Come up with some ideas of your own already!

Next they're going to end up remaking some classics, like Wizard of Oz.

Thanks for listening to me rant!



  1. I am totally with you on the remakes. It reminds me of some of the songs out there today .. all made using samples of songs already popular from years ago! People should come up with original ideas instead of cashing in with a huge loan from the past!! -- kiminy <3

  2. Are you shitting me? They are re-making The Crow? No. No, no, no. We must stop it with the power of our combined gothinesses.

  3. Sadly yes, they've decided to remake the whole series. The first movie was the only one that was worth anything, and that was only because of Brandon Lee, and the music.

    I can totally see them trying to cash in on the Twilight crap by casting Taylor Lautner the wolf boy in that part.

  4. Agreed. The first one was the only good one. And FUCK TWILIGHT!!