Monday, September 17, 2012

The Batmobile

Not that long ago I saw on Pinterest where someone had turned one of those Fisher Price Cozy Coupes into a Batmobile, and I just had to do it for Sidney!

It wasn't that difficult!

I started with a Cozy Coupe.

Sorry about the picture, I had already started taking it apart when I realized I should take pictures of the process!

I took off all of the parts that I could, the front wheels, the steering wheel, the top, and the door. 

Then I spray painted the whole think with grey primer. Make sure you get spray paint that is meant to be used on plastic or things won't go well. 

The next step is to paint the car black. I decided to use yellow on the steering wheel and accent pieces. 

I ordered some vinyl stickers online. I set them on top of the side table. Then they disappeared. I ordered some more, then the day that they came in the mail, I immediately put them on the car. So I wouldn't lose them again. This is a photo of me, putting the stickers on the car. :)

The stickers really were the final step. After that it was done!

It really was an easy project. If I hadn't lost the first set of stickers and then gotten distracted by other projects it would have taken maybe one day at the most, and he LOVES it!

Thanks for reading!


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