Thursday, February 7, 2008

I think I'm in trouble

As many of you know, I have adorable children, but I feel like I'm going to have the most trouble with Hannah.

Two examples of why.

I was watching a friend's baby today, and Hannah came over to sit on my lap.

Hannah: Mama, we need a baby.

Me: Well, I like babies, but I think we have enough people in our family, baby.

Hannah: We need a baby too though.

Me: Not every family has a baby. I like our family just how it is.

Hannah: But we don't have a baby. Talisha has a baby, his name is Kale, he got lots of presents for his birthday. Mama, when is my birthday? I want presents too!

Me: *sighs in relief at the toddler ADD rescue*

The second example is what worries me.

She walks over to me, with a sad pathetic look on her face. She held up a white My Little Pony doll.

Hannah: Mama, My pony is sad. She doesn't have a friend.

Me: She could be friends with your big pony, Pinkie Pie. (a giant my little pony that sings and dances, and tells stories)

Hannah: No, she wants a pony friend that is short like her, and pink. (brings out the cute irresistible face) Mama, can we go to Wal-Mart and get a friend for my pony, so she isn't sad anymore?

How do you say no to that?! Seriously (or, srsly if you want silly internet talk)!

I have absolutely no clue where she learned to use cuteness to ask for things. LOL I never try to be cute when I want something. Ok so yeah, I totally do that. But she's only 4 and she's better at it than I am. How fair is that?

Thanks for reading.


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