Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning Fun!

The Easter bunnies were up late last night filling baskets, and hiding eggs. One of the bunnies set a few eggs near the bedroom doors of the children. Imagine our suprise when we went to get the children for the egg hunt, and found a pile of empty plastic eggs near their door. All the candy that had been in them, consumed by the trio.

We had decided that since it was a special day, and that you can’t really expect a 4 year old to ignore candy sitting right outside of their bedrooms that no punishment would be given out. But, we would let them know that they shouldn’t have.

So we entered the triplet’s room. Adam asked "Did you guys eat some candy this morning?"

Eric - "No!"
Josh - "No."
Hannah - "I did!"

Adam - "Ok guys we need to tell the truth now. Did you eat the candy this morning?"

Hannah - "I ate candy!"
Eric - "no"
Josh - "Are you going to be mad at us?"

(I tried really hard not to giggle at this, but I don’t think I managed to stop the giggles)

Adam - "Josh, you need to tell the truth whether I’ll be mad or not, telling the truth is good."

Josh - "I ate the candy."

Adam - "Ok then buddy, lets all go see what the Easter bunny left for you!"

So the Easter bunnies didn’t go overboard this year like many years in the past. I think he brought just enough candy to last for a few days, but not enough that it will be sitting around for months and months only to be thrown away. The little ones also got toys for the sand box they got for their birthday. Morgan got a video game for the 360 that she’s been begging for for a long time. Everyone got the required chocolate bunny, and I got Cadbury Eggs! So we are all fairly happy today.

The children are currently all hyped up on chocolate, and running around giggling and jumping up and down. I love it. lol

Hope everyone has a great Easter. We are headed out later to Adam’s brother’s house for dinner and most likely more candy.

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