Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Job

Not much time for blogging lately I'm afraid. They have me working as many hours as they can without calling me "Full Time" even though I'm getting part time pay and benefits.

This is my 100th blog, but no one ever submitted questions like I asked, so I have none to answer. Thanks to those of you who read my blogs. Are there any of you that have actually read them all?

There are good parts and bad parts about the new job.

Bad parts are: Well the working all the time thing. The other day, a manager made me take out my lip ring. I've worked with 3 managers higher up than her, and non of them made me take it out. Also, I was one of 7 employees walking around with a facial piercing. *I* was the only one told to remove it. I also don't like being away from my children. Today Eric cried because he wanted to go to work with me, and I had to tell him no.

Plus, I miss things.

The other day, I was in the bathroom, getting ready for work, and I heard screams of laughter from the living room. I heard a thunder of feet as the trio ran down the hallway. Josh came running into the bathroom, giggling madly yelling "Willy Wonka farted!"

Today I have been given a group of stuffed animals that I am ordered to take to work with me. I will tell the kids that I carried them around all night. Of course it will be a lie. I will have to leave them in the car.

The good things about my job are, well, the women I work with are all really nice and friendly. Plus the added bonus of people watching.

Well, I have to go make lunch for my kids, and then get ready for work. Thanks for reading.


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