Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday madness!

During the two week period that makes up the end of February and the beginning of March we have 4 birthdays in my house. To be fair, three of those birthdays belong to the triplets, so while it's three birthdays, it's a little easier to deal with than four separate birthdays. Of course once they get older, they might end up wanting to celebrate separately. But we will deal with that when it comes.

The first of the THREE parties occurred this last weekend. That would be the triplet's family party. We are doing a family party for each birthday, as close as possible to the birthday, and then a friends party at Chuck E. Cheese in the middle of the two birthdays for everyone. Hannah, Josh, and Eric got lots of good stuff for their birthdays, and seemed to have lots of fun at the party. As usual, I stressed myself out trying to get everything perfect for them. Even though I know they wouldn't care if it wasn't perfect.

I lucked out a few weeks ago and found cake toppers in the clearance section of Wal-Mart, and immediately picked out five that were vaguely something that each kid would want. There wasn't a lot of options, but I feel like I got something each kid would want, and so far I've been right. Three down, two to go. (Emma's birthday is in May, two days after mine!)

So there are the cakes, they all begged me for the "Big top cupcake" that is all over TV, and I found a good deal on one, so I gave them what they wanted.

Thanks for reading! I'll update with more cakes as they happen!



  1. OMGosh! You, Emma, & I should totally have a girly girl birthday bash together. Mine's the 18th of May.

  2. I got one of those "Big Top Cupcake" things for Christmas and haven't had the balls to try it out yet! I guess maybe I should! Those cakes are soooo cute! Your cakes are always cute though. I have to PAY to have someone make ours! LOL No talent here! Anyway, I hope they had a great time, and give them all hugs from me!