Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet "Koala"

Koala was an impulse buy along with a turtle named "Buffalo" and a bear one day at Goodwill to keep the kids happy while I shopped. Since then, Koala has become Josh's best friend.

Koala used to have a flocked fuzzy nose. Josh rubbed all that off by rubbing his nose against his face as he fell asleep. Josh still does this. If Koala happens to wander off, Josh is a wreck until he turns up again. Asking everyone every five minutes until he is back in his hands. Since Koala came home with us, Josh has acquired several other Koalas, but none of them are as important to Josh as his first Koala.

Lately, Josh has been giving me his Koala every morning before he leaves for school. I take this as a big complement. Josh is trusting me with his most prized possession every single day. I love him for it. He does this without hesitation, and with complete trust that he will get his Koala back when he comes home from school.

It's a big job. I hope I never let him down.

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