Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween fun!

Last night I took part of the family to dinner. Morgan and Hannah were spending the night with their dad, so we only had five of the kids with us. So after dinner I was waiting at the cash register, and a waitress approached a nearby table. I heard her ask the man who had just come into the restaurant a couple of times if her needed a menu. I kinda glanced at his table, and realized at once what was distracting him. He was staring across the room at the table where Alex was with the kids. The waitress asked the guy how he was doing, hoping to gain his attention, and her replied at once. "I'm doing a hell of a lot better than that guy! He's got five kids!"

So of course I had to say something. I went with, "Actually we have seven kids, two are spending the night somewhere else." The man sort of laughed and said wow or something, followed by "You know what causes that don't you?!" Alex had joined me by that time, and he laughed and I answered "Yeah we know! We should be ok now, we finally got a tv for the bedroom!"

After that the waitress asked about the triplets, and admired Sidney. As we left both the waitress and the man made comments about how I must be a patient woman, and how they couldn't handle that many kids and so on. The waitress did tell me that I had really well behaved children though. I always like hearing that from waitresses because I know they see a LOT of kids, and it's not something they are expected to say.

Today we took the kids to Wabash, the college I practically live on the campus of. The kids brought home fliers last week about free pumpkin carving on the campus mall, and the kids really wanted to go, so I took them.

Our sidewalk is now lined with 6 pumpkins, and Sidney's pumpkin is waiting to be carved, along with one each for Alex and I.

Before we went to Wabash we went to a costumed birthday party. Sidney was one of three babies at the party. He was of course a monster, and there was a 5 week old pumpkin girl, and a seven month old devil boy. The cake was awesome and decorated like a graveyard with candy corn fencing, a black licorice tree, chocolate gravestones and candy bones and spiders.

I haven't been feeling well today, I hope that I feel a lot better later, I had hoped to do something fun tonight.

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