Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun with the kids!

This morning the kids and I took part in our monthly ritual of attending the "Kid's Workshop" at Home Depot. The kids REALLY love going there and building things on their own. We help them, with some of the things and supervise well, but it won't be long before I become one of those parents who stares at the floor while my kids produce a perfectly built picture frame, or napkin holder. We have been going there on the first Saturday of the month for about a year and a half. Home Depot gave the kids an apron when they first started going, and each project they complete earns them a pin to put on their apron. Each of the kids has approximately 15 pins.

This was the first weekend that Braydon and Stormy were gone at their mother's house on Kid's Workshop day. It felt really odd going without them. They said they were going to ask their mom to take them, but she might have had something else planned with them, so I don't know if they got to go.

Alex, the kids and I went to the high school last night to see the middle school's production of Mulan. I was so proud of Morgan. The whole cast obviously worked really hard on the show, and it was very entertaining to watch! Morgan isn't shy at all about getting up on stage and putting her whole heart into a part. I hope she never loses that bravery.

Sorry it was such a short post this time I guess I either don't have a lot to say, or I have so much to say I can't focus on enough to narrow down some topics.

Thanks for reading!


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