Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm thankful.

Everyone on Facebook seems to be doing daily posts about what they are thankful for. I assume it's because Thanksgiving is this month.

So because I'm a procrastinator, and forgetful I won't even attempt to try to think of what I'm thankful for every day. Besides, I feel like a list of positive things in my life is just what I need right now, so here goes:

(The first part is not in order of favorite. This section of the list is equally important, and should all be labeled #1 but I'm keeping total so they are not.)

1. Morgan - She is so smart and beautiful. Of course we argue, but I feel like we laugh as much as we fight. If not for the fact that I have to be her mother, she really is the type of person I'd choose as a best friend. Maybe when she's 30 we can be friends.

2. Eric - He reminds me so much of my brother Shawn, even though his twin is the one named after Shawn. Eric is sweet and caring but he is an all around crazy boy.

3. Josh - He is so protective of his brothers. Especially Sidney. He also loves to torment his brothers, and sisters, especially Morgan. Morgan doesn't understand it, but the reason he always harasses her so much is because he loves her so much.

4. Hannah - Hannah is so sweet and kind. She is so different than the other kids. She is hardly ever in trouble. She would give away everything she had to make another person happy.

5. Sidney - Sidney is the happiest, easiest baby I've had so far. He only cries when he is really really hungry, even then it's not so much a cry as it is screaming. Most of the time you can't tell if it's a happy scream or an angry scream because he goes back and forth so quickly.

6. Braydon - He has to be one of the smartest six year olds I know. He is reading at the same level as the triplets who are a grade ahead of him. He is so sweet and kind, especially to his younger siblings. He is so fun to talk to, although sometimes I feel he is smarter than me. LOL

7. Stormy - She is always so happy. Her world is all about fun. She doesn't care what is going on around her as long as she's having fun. She loves to talk, apparently I was the same way as a child, who knew? LOL

8. Alex - No one in the world knows me better than he does. He pushes me to do the things he knows I'm to scared to try, and is there to help me try again if I fail. He takes care of me when I need it, and tells me things I need to hear. I can be myself with him, and that feels good.

9. Shawn - my brother. He is my only full brother, and the only person in the world who knows where I came from. No matter how much we fought as kids we were always there when the other needed each other. In short, he is a great brother.

10. My family - I wouldn't trade any of you. Despite our differences, and troubles, I know that any one of you would be there if I needed you, and I hope you know the same goes for me.

11. Adam - He gave me three wonderful babies, and became dad to Morgan. Despite everything we have been through he still remains one of my closest friends, and is there when I need him.

12. Sarah and Tammy - Everyone needs that friend who gets their sick sense of humor, tells them when they are being an idiot, and shuts their mouth when they know that they should. You two are the type of friend I can talk to for hours and hours and not realize any time has passed. You two are my very best friends and I am so glad I have you in my lives.

13. Thom - No one makes me laugh the way you do. :)

14. Diana - I hope that someday she will officially be my mother in law but honestly I feel like she is more of a friend. I love spending time with her and talking to her.

I think that's all of the important people. Now I'm moving on to other things. If you are hurt that I left you out, comment, and I'll apologize profusely and then tell you exactly why I am thankful for you.

15. The Vanity Theater (and the family I've found there) - I am so thankful that I keep getting cast in plays there. I love the theater, the excitement of preparing for a show, the extreme fear right before going on stage, and the bond that forms between the cast.

15. Bacon - everyone who knows me knows that this belongs on my list. To be honest (don't tell the kids) it probably ranks right up there at number 1.

16. My kitties - Mitzi can be a bitch, yes, but she's so cute and fluffy. Bean is a great cat though. He was a housewarming gift from a friend, and he has always been MY cat. If I'm upset, he is right there trying to get me to pet him, and if I let him in the bedroom at night, he always sleeps in my arms.

17. My iPhone - yeah I know, I'm lame. I'm one of those people who can't sit idle. I always have to be distracted in some way. I seriously wish I had one back when I was on bedrest with the triplets, and stuck in the hospital waiting to have them. Though I imagine some of the statuses I might have posted at the time would have gotten me into the mental ward. That mag is some nasty stuff.

Ok. I actually thought this would take less time, and I have some homework to do, so I'm going to finish this later. (See, I warned you about the procrastination)

Thanks for reading!



  1. I can't make you feel better if I don't know who you are!

  2. Awww, you are pretty kickass :) I'll click the like button even though it's not there. On a related note, The way you describe some of the kids doesn't match my descriptions, and this makes me sad because I know it's because I don't see them on a daily, round-the-clock basis. I hate missing out on their daily lives :(