Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stress, Drunks, and Stone Temple Pilots!

Stress sucks.

The job search isn't going well. The only place that has responded to my resume asked some crazy, and possibly illegal stuff on the application. Stuff that makes me not even remotely interested in working there. But, they called for an interview, and I'm going to go, because recent events have moved me into the DESPERATE category as far as needing a job.

Habitat for Humanity has been doing a bit of harassment lately. Mostly it consists of begging Adam and I to go to counseling. We have both explained, that it wasn't a sudden decision, that we have had problems for a long time, and finally decided we just couldn't make it work. They don't listen though. They think that it is based upon temporary hiccups in life.

So now their thing is, that they think that I can't afford to keep the house on my own. With the child support, alone, it will be tight, but I can do it. But they won't consider the fact that I will (hopefully) have a job soon, and that I have family to help in the meantime. So they are threatening to take my house. They say even though I have enough to make all the payments, if I hit one speed bump, I wouldn't be able to handle it.

I'd say 90% of the people in the US are living paycheck to paycheck just like that.

So yesterday I got to go to Carb Day. It was pretty cool. I only got to see the cars run for 11 minutes, because of the rain, but seeing Stone Temple Pilots was worth being in the rain all day! The concert was full of more assholes than usually found in a concert crowd, but I think that was directly proportionate to the fact that you were allowed to bring beer or whatever into the track, so 75% of the crowd was smashed.

The cops were standing over the crowd with paintball guns that had like pepper balls in it. Little balls filled with pepper spray or mace. Whenever someone got out of control, or a fight started, they were pepper balled. Someone near us was shot, and that sucked. My eyes burned, I couldn't stop coughing, and my nose wouldn't stop itching. I also got a wicked headache.

I've always been surprised at the helpful group mentality at a concert. My first concert was like Spin Doctors and Gin Blossoms, I think, and I got in the pit, it wasn't a brutal pit, but I was always surprised at how when someone fell down, those nearest to the faller would stop and make sort of a blockade to protect the fallen from being trampled until they were up again. Even though the crowd was mostly composed of drunk and/or stoned assholes, that attitude was still there.

A girl trying to force her way to the front, tried to get by me. I was trying to hold the spot I was in, so I lied and told her I couldn't move. So she just sort of threw her drunken whore ass between me and the couple I was near, she succeeded in knocking over about 7 people. When the couple got up, the guy started yelling at her, and a fight almost broke out. But everyone around us, who saw what happened, started yelling "Push this bitch to the back." and they all pushed in front of her until she was way back in the back. They passed the word along with her about what she did.

My oldest, Morgan was at the concert, and my brother and Step-Dad hung out with her, so Alex and I could push to the front, so they took Morgan over by the State Police post near the crowd so that it would be mostly safe for her, and she wouldn't be subjected to the usual concert goer behavior (drugs, insanity, and boobie flashing). Morgan stood on a cooler to get a better view, cause she's just short, and at one point a drunk girl knocked her off the cooler stumble/dancing as drunk girls do. Another random drunk girl witnessed this, and apparently ripped her a new ass over knocking over a little girl.

The only part I didn't enjoy about the concert, was that Scott Weiland's constant preaching at the crowd about not drinking too much and not getting out of control. I get that he's all clean now, and I wasn't drinking or anything else, but honestly, it's a bit insulting coming from him. My brother saw him once. He said a group of guys carried him passed out into a bar, the guys all had a bunch of drinks, then carried the still unconscious Scott back out of the bar.

After the concert, there were massive lines at the portable toilets. It was a good 15 or 20 minute wait. Just when Alex got to the front of that potty line, a drunk guy wandered in front of him. Alex said something to him, and the guy said "Look, you are just going to have to kick my ass, because I'm going next." It continued like that for a minute or so, and I was a bit worried, but then the line behind Alex got involved and began getting in the guy's face too, and he just stumbled off.

All in all it was just a great day.

Until Morgan heard something bad and asked me what a blow job was. But that's a story for another time.

Thanks for reading! Sorry I rambled so long!


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